Business Insurance
Meeting All Your Business Insurance Needs...


Would your insurance protect your business if...

  • A power surge zapped your computer?
  • Electrical arcing fried your phone system?
  • A Fire put you out of business for a year?
  • A storm wiped out your roof?

We specialize in helping business owners like you to assess how to best protect against financial losses. We welcome the opportunity to help you:

  • Evaluate the risks that are common to your industry - and specific to your business.
  • Determine how to provide comprehensive yet affordable protection against those risks.

Let us show you how we can cost effectively provide:

  • Insurance for your buildings
  • Protection for your business property and furniture
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Protection against employee dishonesty
  • Protection against customer fraud
  • Business income interruption coverage
  • Protection against lawsuits