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When you require a Dental/Vision Plan, we can offer you:

  • Expanded Administrative Services
  • Membership files maintenance
  • Eligibility control
  • COBRA administration
  • Claims adjudication

With Dental/Vision Plans from Our Company you can rest assured that you and your employees will receive the highest level of dental/vision care, at the lowest possible cost. We assume complete responsibility for the competent and professional operation of the Plan. We handle eligibility verification, claim submission and payment process and offer a toll free Customer Service Number for the convenience of your employees.

Our Dental/Vision Plans will let you maximize benefits while minimizing costs. You can choose the scope of benefits: co-pays, deductibles, benefit limits, coinsurance percen-tiles, benefit schedules as well as provider network access.

Preferred Provider Network

Our Company has developed one of the most extensive, specialized Preferred Provider Network of dental providers in New York State. Each of our dentist operates in private practice, offering high quality, personalized service. We have negotiated with all participating providers to offer their services to plan members at a substantially reduced fees. Using our PPO in conjunction with either Self-Funded or Fully Insured plans, your employees will benefit by having reduced out-of-pocket expenses, while you benefit from reduced claim processing costs. In addition, we are continually recruiting new practitioners to join our Network, exercising the power of a large group purchasing to take advantage of low rates. As a result, your employees receive quality dental care they deserve at an exceptionally affordable price!