Life Insurance


A Group Life Insurance Policy provides employees and their dependents competitively priced, top-quality term life insurance protection. We are licensed with more than 20 top insurance companies throughout New York State. When you choose Group Life through Our Company, you benefit from flexibility in plan design and funding arrangements. All our insurance carriers support our proposals with innovative extras, impressive financial strength as well as the experience of an industry leader.

Our Company offers Group Life Insurance with the benefits employees want. Below, we've highlighted some of the key features typically featured in our proposals.

Benefit Highlights

Accelerated Benefit:

One of the highest benefits in the industry. Terminally ill employees with at least $20,000 of coverage can access up to 75% of their coverage to a maximum of $500,000.

Waiver of Premium:

No elimination period for totally disabled employees- easy tracking and immediate benefits. Waiver benefits protect employees who are totally disabled prior to age 60 by continuing coverage to age 70 or retirement, whichever is earlier.


Group Life coverage may be converted to Individual Permanent Life coverage without evidence of Insurability.

Claims Settlement:

Beneficiaries may receive a complementary interest- bearing checking account or may elect an alternate settlement option.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment(AD):

24-hour accident coverage.

Group Universal Life Insurance Protection is Available:

Group Universal Life Insurance allows your employees to cover their insurance needs at a very cost effective and convenient means through payroll deduction.

Dependent Life Insurance Available:

Employees may cover family member in a very cost effective manner.