Life Insurance


An LTD Policy provides employees with competitively priced, top-quality LTD protection. When you choose LTD through Our Company, you benefit from flexibility in plan design and funding arrangements as a result of our licenses with over 20 disability companies in New York State. These relationships provide innovative extras backed up with impressive financial strength as well as the experience of industry leadership.

We are pleased to offer income replacement benefits with a progressive eye toward disability management through cost containment and rehabilitation.

Benefit Highlights:

Our proposals include Return-to-Work Incentives, zero day residual benefits with no requirement of total disability before benefits are payable. Our Return-to-Work Incentive allows combined earnings of up to 100% during the return-to-work period.

Most of our LTD proposals include multi-year rate guarantees!

Disability Management:

Our proposals can provide comprehensive rehabilitation services through on-staff specialists, customized return-to-work plans; including physical, recreational and vocational therapy, job search assistance, and financial assistance for worksite accommodations and other expenses.